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STYLISH WEIGHTED PRODUCTS - for Sensory Integration Needs


Quality denim coupled with your choice of super soft luxurious fabric creates a weighted product masterpiece     

  • 2 Pound or 4 Pound options
  • Bright beautiful color choices
  • hug starfish lap pad
  • hug pet shoulder wrap 
  • hug splat little buddy
  • hug vest. - many size options

 Erin Westrom, Mom from Denton, TX, says "Love the vest . . . very stylish compared to some on the market . . . easy to add or take out the weights."

  Amy P., Mom from Plano Texas, "Thanks for all you've done to create products that are helpful and not embarrassing for a second grade boy to wear. Even his sisters tell him he looks "cool".   

 Karen L. Cook, Occupational Therapist and owner of Rehab Services, Unlimited, Inc. has used our products over the course of several years. The hug vests and hug pets have been used by her and her staff in pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions in her Lewisville, Texas, clinic. Karen has recommended our products for children needing the benefits of augmentation of sensation that the vests can provide. These benefits include enhancing body awareness with proprioceptive sensation to joints and muscles to increase body awareness; and several clients have benefited with improved postural alignment and joint stability as a result of wearing their vests. The hug vests and hug pets have proved useful during both static activities (Table related tasks, fine motor pursuits) or during active gross motor tasks (mobility and agility tasks). The parents like the stylish look of the vests, and the therapists report positive gains in sensation and alignment to add value toward meeting goals of the child's therapeutic program, as well as for promoting the child's potentials for additional sensation, comfort, and self-regulation during therapy appointments. 



     Our goal is to provide you with a personal experience while providing a solution for your unique needs.  Calming Hugs products are fabulous gifts for teachers, therapists, parents, grandparents and little ones! 

Purchase Orders are accepted via email at  barbara@calminghugs.com


 Tina R., Mom from Lewisville, Texas, "My son loves his colorful hug pet and I encourage other parents to look into this wonderful tool. It is very comforting to him. It is perfect for him especially at night time. You were so easy to work with. I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for an enjoyable experience as well as creating a comforting friend for my son!  

 Rose M., Mom from Wexford, Pennsylvania, "He loves his snake (hug pet) and his vest. We really see a difference when he wears his vest. Thank you so much for making the vests look "cool" and NORMAL."  

Angela, G, Mom from Oklahoma, "My 4 year old has a snake hug pet and loves it."  



 The hug vest is a fabulously stylish alternative to the hum drum weighted vest options currently available in the marketplace. The durable denim material makes it a strong and sturdy addition to any wardrobe.  

  • 3T to Adult 4XL sizes
  • Classic Color options (Dark Blue & Retro Blue)
  • Inside pocket conceals removable hug weights
  • Use at home, school, therapy or on the go

Dr. Michelle McCarthy, Pediatric Physical therapist from Rehab Services Unlimited, Inc., in Lewisville, Texas, states "I see great benefits with use of weighted vests during balance and coordination tasks in the clinic. The added weight gives children more proprioceptive input which improves their balance and gross motor skill abilities. Improvements with posture and spinal alignment via strengthening of back extensor muscles is also noted with use of the weighted vests. Children need strengthening of their back extensor muscles to improve posture, stance and sitting. The weighted vest gives them the sensory input they need to make positive corrections then realizing they are working.  

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